A Selection of Previous Projects

In March 2013 we took a real (museal) warship—the destroyer Småland—in Gothenburg, Sweden and turned it into a space ship inspired by "Battlestar Galactica".

The larp was performed three times, of which one show was entirely in English for an international audience.

We will not make an effort to describe in words what the larp was like, instead we have compiled this playlist of video clips from before, inside and after the game. They accomplish that much better.

The project was accomplished through the remarkable efforts of a large number of talented people and partner organizations. Full list of credits.

More info on "The Monitor Celestra"

You can download the pre-game information briefing that describes the dramatical aspects of the larp here:

"Nyteg" was a four-day fantasy larp with 470 participants that was held i July 1997. It was the first larp in Sweden that was produced by professional organizers. The project introduced the concept of a movie style production apparatus to the Swedish larp scene. We successfully demonstrated the importance of areas like project economy, logistics and safety and that it is possible to handle them well without negative impact on the story you want to tell. In fact it is very much the other way around.

The outcome of the project was the larp organizers handbook "Saga mot Verklighet" published in 1998.

In the fall of 1999 we put up four shows of this retro-futuristic space drama onboard a retired soviet submarine. Main authors were Martin Ericsson and Karim Muammar.

More info on "Carolus Rex"