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Meaning of VILKEMES?

InläggPostat: 12 augusti 2005, 14:18
av Grim_up_North

I am researching the history of the town where live (Amble, Northumberland, UK). In a history of the town written about 1900 there is reference to a field in historic times (even then) with the name "Vilkemes". It is impossible to tell from this history as to its origins or history of usage in the local area.

It stikes me, if not now a word then it seems one of Scandanavian origin.

I have seen "vilkem" used by Scandanavian people, but without a good online translator or dictionary handy I cannot translate this.

Many thanks

InläggPostat: 12 augusti 2005, 18:25
av Anna-Carin
Is it possible that the 'm' originally may have been an 'n'?

You see, many Swedish place names end in <i>-näs</i> (pronounced similar to <i>-nes</i>). My dictionary suggests these translations for the word <i>näs</i>: <i>isthmus, neck of land, point, headland</i>; perhaps also <i>cape</i> and <i>point</i>. Would such a description agree with the local geography (now or in past times)? In that case, <i>Vilke-</i> may be a personal name, perhaps similar to the name <i>Vekel</i> that I came across on this site:

As a side note, in Swedish "vilkem" is a typo for "vilken" (i.e. "which"). It may be just a coincidence that this word seems to appear in the name.

<i>Please note that I do not claim to have any expertise in the history of place names, I'm just suggesting a theory!</i>