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hammeraxe and doubleaxes in birka graves

InläggPostat: 18 augusti 2005, 11:46
av Corin_79

i search for pictures of the hammeraxe in birka grave bj 644

and for pictures of the doubleaxes in the graves bj 737b; bj 909
and bj 1076 !

I hope somebody can help me.



P.S. I lost my old passwort, so i had to register an new account. My old username is "corin" ;-)

InläggPostat: 18 augusti 2005, 22:48
av Rizzo
Mailed you an image of the hammer axe.

InläggPostat: 21 augusti 2005, 12:48
av Corin_79

has anybody pictures of the doubleaxes?


InläggPostat: 13 januari 2006, 00:00
av Ny Björn
I'm horribly late with this one - I forgott about it you see - terribly sorry Corin!
If it's still of any use to you, you should be able to se a scan of the double-axe from Bj 909 [url=""]here[/url].

/N B