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Viking villiage Svitjod

InläggPostat: 5 februari 2008, 21:02
av haxika
Hello all Viking frends!
Here`s some information about Svitjod viking Villiage.
Are you interested in being part of the international viking villiage?
The design of the first houses has already began.
Any viking who would like to learn or has any ideas regarding this
project is welcome to get in touch.
Svitjod the viking villiage is being constructed nearby
Rosersberg castel outside Stockholm.

Join Svitjods friends society!
Where we shere each others knowledge
and get information about the Viking villiage
just Send as e-mail whit youre name and knowledge
and e-mail adress and you get information.

A warm welcome at
Tel: 0705734343 / 02125048