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Any Medieval- oder Vikingevents near Göteborg

InläggPostat: 14 maj 2008, 23:47
av Evelune

My swedish is not so good to ask this question in swedish (I hope it soon will be).
I am studying in Göteborg from August to December 2008, and I just was wondering if there are any interesting medieval oder Viking events oder markets in or near Göteborg.
Two weekends ago I was in Ribe (Denmark) which really was great. So I hope the be on interesting events in Sweden too.

Greetings, Evelune

InläggPostat: 15 maj 2008, 16:21
av Matti
Well, in the autumn, I am not so sure. Lot of things happens in the summer or spring. But stay tuned and we may be able to help you.

InläggPostat: 16 maj 2008, 11:21
av Heidi
Hornbore Ting, viking market in Hamburgsund August 1-3:

Aurskog-Høland Bygdetun at Hemnes in Høland, 22-24. august 2008. A very nice and small market, in Norway, but not far from the Swedish border.

InläggPostat: 16 maj 2008, 12:16
av Edvin
Hello Evelune!

If you are living in Gothenburg you should try visit Kungahälla Medeltidsdagar in Bohus fortress.

Here´s a link, in english no less;

InläggPostat: 18 maj 2008, 20:25
av Evelune
Thank you all a lot for your help. :D

@ Edvin: This sounds interesting, but one month to early.

InläggPostat: 18 maj 2008, 20:41
av Vesuvius
Foteviken usually has a Christmas Market, I don't know exactly when, and I guess it's not particularly close to here... but it's nice! If I were you I'd take the opportunity to make some friends, regardless of whether or not there are any markets in the autumn... markets are nice, but they're nothing compared to the crafts themselves when it comes to the time we re-enactors spend on them.

InläggPostat: 9 juni 2008, 11:00
av Evelune
I am a crafter myself, so ist really the crafters who are the most interesting persons on the markets for me. But markets are undoubtedly the best places to meet and talk and maybe learn new things :)

InläggPostat: 2 september 2008, 08:51
av Evelune
Hej, hej!

I am now staying in Göteborg, but the only event I found is a market in Skara next weekend. So if you got any tips left, I am really curious about it :)
Although interesting historical places or museums.

Now studying in Göteborg

InläggPostat: 2 september 2008, 09:16
av de Beaufort
Hello Evelune!
What kind of craft are you specialized in? The link below could possibly be of interest since the distance is relatively small (with a swedish measure...) Unfortunately I just discovered they are closed for the season, but if you mean to stay for a while in sweden it might be of interest.

Welcome to the swedish-speaking pages ;-)


"faithful heart may have forward tongue"

InläggPostat: 2 september 2008, 10:02
av Martin Wallgren
There is always the HEMA Event Swordfish in Göteborg 31 of october to 2 of November. Lots of swords and weapons and fighting loonies. (Not a period dress thingie but bery fun) Here´s a linkie... ... /swordfish

InläggPostat: 2 september 2008, 23:05
av Matti
Evelune, there is an event that is held this weekend, 6-7 of September at Ragnhildsholmen, a bit north of Gothenburg. It is a by re-enactors, for re-enactors event. Period is 1250-1325 and it is held at the place of the ruins of the the castle of Ragnhildsholm!

Vesuvius knows more!

InläggPostat: 6 september 2008, 09:41
av Evelune
Oh, so many answers!

@ de Beaufort: Unfortunately I am staying just until january, then I have to go back to finish my study in germany. I working mostly with wool, spinning, dyeing with natural staff, naalbinding and bandweaving, sewing... But thankyou for the link, maybe when I am here again some time.

@ Martin: Thats interesting, but is it possible just to watch them. I really would be interested in the swordfighting.

@ Matti: Oh its so stupid I have not read that before, now it is too late to ask him. Sounds really interesting!

Now studying in Göteborg