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2 normans helmets & Giermundbu variation -for sa

InläggPostat: 3 juli 2009, 08:59
av Nieczar

I've in stock 3 helmets :

2 spangen-norman with leather interiors and the straps:
- the left one; 2mm construction steel (the quarters) ,1.5mm the
spangens, 3mm the band with the nasal, about 66-67cm of
the circumpherence inside ...the price 150 Euro
- the right one; 2mm construction steel (the quarters) ,1.5mm the
spangens and the band , 3mm the nasal , same circumpherence
...the price 120 Euro ... nImageLink

the variation of Giermundbu helmet with the mask from Kiev; 2mm construction steel (the quarters), 1.5mm the spangen,
and the band ,3mm the mask ,without leather interior - only the straps ,66-67cm of the circumpherence...the price 180 Euro ... nImageLink

the prices are without the postage

the helmets are new

InläggPostat: 6 juli 2009, 20:36
av Max Gullberg
I recommend these helmets strongly, good quality woork. I had a look at Foteviken.

W ogóle bardzo fajne he³my!

InläggPostat: 9 juli 2009, 08:52
av Nieczar
thanx Max for Your's note [:D]

dziêki za rekomendacjê [:D]