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English Translation of Patterns?

InläggPostat: 17 april 2005, 07:41
av Etyrsig
I am curious as to whether or not there is an English translation for the patterns found on ... pfogad.pdf

I belong to a norse re enactment group and am desperat to help a few people out get thier kit a bit more period. Any sudggestions, Im very limited in my Swedish and Norwegian.

InläggPostat: 17 april 2005, 11:03
av Admin
Well, that is a since long on-going project. We are trying to make translations as far as we manage on our spare time. Hope that you know about the english site allready?

/Henrik, admin

InläggPostat: 17 april 2005, 12:22
av Eva Andersson
Because I'm such a nice person [;)] and some friends in the US asked me, I have made a translation of the terms on the viking women's garb. It can be found [url=""]here[/url]. (And yes, Henrik, you can use it as you like.)