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InläggPostat: 2 mars 2004, 11:47
av hans hellström
söker ylletyger till gangsterkläder ( typ zoot suits)
randiga rutiga enfärgade i grälla färger
likaså all slags camoflage väv såsom modell 90.
tackar på förhand
mvh. hasse
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InläggPostat: 2 mars 2004, 13:01
av Katarina
Kanske en dum fråga, men vad är <i><b>zoot suits</b></i>?


InläggPostat: 2 mars 2004, 13:24
av Karin H
The <b>Zoot Suit</b>, characterized by an oversized jacket with large lapels, padded shoulders and baggy pants which were cuffed at the ankles (with a wide brimmed fedora hat generally accompanying) was first popularized by young teenage "hepcats." It popped up in the early 1940s among the "jitterbug" dancers and was popularized when entertainers such as Frank Sinatra began wearing them.

The suit was first worn in Harlem, New York but the fad ended quickly when the War Production Board restricted the amount of material that could be used in men's clothing.

InläggPostat: 3 mars 2004, 23:42
av Shadilly
Är det inte vad vi i Sverige kallade swingpjattar?